Our Fun Story

BB Snacks started operating in November 2004 from a small warehouse in Setlagole, North West Province.

The magic started with only 12 employees. At that stage we were situated close to the maize farmers and a local maize mill. We first had the name Batho Bothle which means for the people in Setwana. Our customers soon gave us the nickname BB. In the beginning we only supplied to a handful of shops in the North West province.

BB Snacks Products

Today BB Snacks stands for
Best Bite Snacks

Today BB Snacks stands for Best Bite Snacks. Today all the Fun Producing is happening in Stilfontein, North West and BB Snacks is now the Best Bite for our loyal people. Ownership has changed from one brother to another, but we’re still keeping it in the family. BB Snacks is currently available in 6 different sized packaging and delivered to various locations across South Africa, including North-West, Free State, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Swaziland. We are currently producing 6 fun and yummy flavours, Beef, Cheese, Chutney, Tomato Chilli, Smokey BBQ and our new great flavour Chicken.

We have Big Fun Plans in the making


BB Snacks has increasingly become more and more popular over the years. We credit that to our excellent value for money products. We have various quality tests and nothing but fun tasting flavours goes into our equally fun packaging. Soon we will be able to meet the ever increasing demand for our products. Next in line for the planning phase will be to relaunch our puffs and puffed corn brands. The machines are here, the flavours are being tested and the packaging are in the creation process. Watch this space for a mind-blowing taste sensation coming your way soon…

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